LT-6000: Perfect for Petroleum & Offshore Industries
This predictive maintenance technology offers an effective and accurate tool for the Petrochemical Industry to monitor equipment, prevent breakdowns and provide CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT DEVELOPMENT.

If your company has a specific need, this technology is so flexible that it can be customized to suit those needs. 



Prevent safety issues arising from broken equipment and catastrophic equipment failures.        

Diagnose potentially dangerous situations by detecting anomalies from damaged, worn or otherwise defective equipment.       


The LT-6000 helps you find and solve energy losses.

Advanced detection means less waste and lower energy costs.


Use the LT-6000 to find problems before they become problems.

Reduce repair costs by preventing system failure that might require complete equipment replacement.

Avoid downtime caused by broken equipment.


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Achieving energy and cost savings for your business through predictive maintenance. 


INTRODUCING THE LT-6000, a cutting edge digital ultrasound, hand held tool -- hand made in America.

  The LT-6000 was developed by engineers who believe that ultrasound has unlimited diagnostic potential. 

Ultrasound, along with vibration analysis and infrared thermography, has been used for the detection of leaks in both pressurized and non-pressurized systems for nearly 40 years.  But the problem has been that the equipment required extensive training to use.


The LT-6000 changes all that, eliminating the frustration caused by limited options and replacing it with a multi-functional tool that can be used by just about anyone, simply and accurately.


It is our goal to make ultrasound standard maintenance equipment -- helping the world save energy and money!