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LT-6000: Versatile with Many Applications
Leak Detection
Compressed air leaks: hoses, valves, water traps, filters, end caps, quick disconnect
Air compressor leaks: discharge flange, internal hose, check valve, pressure switch, pressure gauge, quick disconnect, air tank, pop-off valve, piston flange, cooling filter valve, cooling filter membrane, aftercooler valves, relief valve
Mechanical Inspection
Hydraulics: hose damage, hose contamination, hose pinhole leak (high pressure), hose pinhole leak (low pressure), hose pinhole leak (freon pressure), hose pinhole leak (liquid), hose pinhole leak (gas), loose clamp, control valves, filters, reservoirs
Belts: abrasion, chunk-out, pilling, uneven rib wear, improper install, cracking, misalignment, gravel (foreign substance) penetration
Bearings: indentations, smearing, surface distress, corrosion, electrical damage, flaking (spalling), cracks, cage damage

Electrical Inspection
Arcing / coronas: switches, circuit breakers, relay contacts, fuses, cable terminations, switchboard, bus bars, battery discharge, alternator failure, broken wires, transformers, capacitors, insulator / substrate failure