The LT-6000 Difference


All equipment is designed to use the minimum amount of energy when running normally.  The LT-6000 uses "hearing" at a level far beyond human levels to detect when this is happening. So whether the issue is a leak, too much pressure, overloading, a worn part or loose electrical connections, the LT-6000 provides an immediate measurement that allows you to know and quantify the problem.


The LT-6000 is different in many ways as it was designed to be useful and helpful to the technician trying to find and solve energy loss or potential failures.  Its features help make the technician's task not only more accurate, but also easier and faster.

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Innovations in Ultrasound


“Pick it up and try it.  You will know it’s different the first time you put it in your hands.”

Introducing the LT-6000.   Finally, a rugged, affordable, hand-held ultrasound system that's easy to use, repeatable, and offers unique features that bring unprecedented reliability to predictive maintenance.

This new condition monitoring tool will positively impact your bottom line. The LT-6000 is easy-to-use and was designed by engineers who required a durable, accurate and repeatable test device.They demanded a true....



Sound Library to allow for accurate diagnostics

Auto Gain provides accurate and useful levels of saturation

Self Calibrating that automatically sets to appropriate sound levels within 5 seconds of turning on

Laser pointer to assist your team in pinpointing leak detection

Dual filter system to minimize white noise

Exterior lighting for illuminating dark areas, plus the easy to use touch pad and back lighted display screen make the LT-6000 ideal for any maintenance situation

Simplified training saves time and money

Dual Head Phones allow for training, verification and confirmation of sound with 2 people listening